Verantwortlich für diese Seite - Provider of the website

The provider of the website of ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte and the pages of ATAS & PARTNER lawyers on social networks is ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte, a partnership, entered in the partnership register AG Charlottenburg, number PR 831 B.

The ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte content is provided by ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte at

Nürnberger Str.9-11 in Berlin.

Telephone: +49 30 236 200 90

Fax: +49 30 236 200 95


List of partners

Partners of ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte are

Oktay Atas, Lawyer

Jannis Pursitidis, Lawyer

Viktor Baumgärtner, Lawyer


The partners of ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte respresent ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte jointly.

Each partner has individual authorization to accept and handle client casework.

VAT identification number

The office of ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte has the following tax-number:

German office: 23/212/63843, Berlin-Charlottenburg

Bar admission / professional titles / professional regulations

All lawyers, who work at ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte are licensed to practice in the Federal Republic of Germany.

All German lawyers belong to the bar association Berlin (Rechtsanwaltskammer) responsible for ATAS & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte.

Berlin: (Rechtsanwaltskammer) Berlin Bar Association

The relevant professional regulations are the German Federal Lawyers Act (Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung (BRAO)), the German Federal Code of Conduct for Lawyers (Berufsordnung für Rechtsanwälte (BORA)), the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz (RVG)), German Specialist Lawyers Regulations (Fachanwaltsordnung).

All the above regulations can be accessed at